Monday, June 13, 2011

The best things in life are cheap and natural!

I have one of those "Euro-Style" washer/dryer combo machines and while I appreciate the efficiency of this design, I basically have accepted the fact that most of my clothes have to air dry.
Not a big issue, especially since air drying is better for prolonging the life of your clothing and I hate it when I shrink things in the dryer!
My only gripe was that for some reason, my clothes were air drying and turning out, well, kind of "crispy."  Yeah, the fabric would get stiff and crinkly - even my Pima Cotton t-shirts, which are the softest most wonderful fabric in the world!  :(
But I'm sort a weird when it comes to laundry stuff and I don't like scented detergent or fabric softeners or dryer sheets - the artificial-ness of the fragrance (even the supposed fragrance-free ones) make me sneeze!
So of course, as is the case with most of life - the best solutions are SIMPLE!  And in this case, Cheap and Natural TOO!
Two Words:  White Vinegar.
Yup.  So simple, so wonderful.  Use 1/4c of distilled white vinegar in lieu of fabric softener - it is delightful.  Even my towels can air dry and still turn out soft and fluffy, which is a total miracle!
I was just doing laundry and realized that maybe people didn't know about this so I though I'd share.  Let me know how you like it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sometimes we're the worst at following our own advice!

Confession time.  I do not always follow my own advice.

I'm good at living by my principles, but when it comes to really specific things that I've recommended to others, (and have seen work for them) for some reason I think that I don't need to do the same things or that they won't work for me.

Case in point:  People always ask me how to keep organized with all the little things, papers, invites, notices, misc. stuff with deadlines, etc. that don't really belong in a permanent file folder.  They say that it gets really difficult to remember everything that's on a deadline or even the things they want to follow up with that don't have a deadline.

My advice is simple and it works.  (The simple stuff usually works the best!)  Create or purchase a 31-Day Organizing System and use it daily.

I haven't done this for myself because I haven't felt the need since I do fine remembering deadlines and I use my calendar for reminders and most of my work stuff has permanent file folders.  But today I've been thinking, "okay, could I be even more efficient and organized if I used this system?"  Well the only way to find out is to try it and see and I'm pretty excited about that!

You can find some pre-fab solutions out there or custom make your own with basic office supplies (and a little creativity.)  Try it for one month and I think you'll be hooked.

This solution from Pottery Barn is nice.  My only concern is that you have to keep bills in envelopes or fold up papers to fit.

This version from Container Store requires that you add your own labels and folders, but it allows you to put in any size paper and functions more like a standerd "tickler" file. 
When it comes down to the best solution, it all depends on what you like and how you work.  Remember, the best solutions are the ones you'll actually use!  :)

What system will you try?  Let me know and Happy Organizing!