Sunday, May 15, 2011

Looking for some extra money? Find it in your clutter!

It's true, two of the most elusive resources we seem to always be chasing after (Time and Money) are often hiding right underneath our nose - in our clutter!

They like to hide in messy desk drawers, cluttered closets, and gaps of time spent doing "misc." things.

But beware, this terrain is know to cause stress, frustration and overwhelm, which is why we are so unlikely to actually get to the bottom of things and uncover the Time and Money we already have!

Not sure where to start your hunt?  Check out your master closet.
Are there some deep dark corners that haven't been touched in months?  I'll bet you have some pieces of clothing that you haven't seen or worn in years and these are perfect for a consignment shop = extra money!

Remember to examine everything in the master suite because shoes, handbags, accessories and jewelry that you no longer love and use are all excellent options for drumming up some extra dough ... to go buy new stuff :)  Haha, just kidding!  You can only buy new stuff if you have room for it - no more overstuffed closets, OK?  Thank you.

You might want to enlist the help of a wardrobe consultant or stylist on this project if you're not sure about what to keep and what to let go of.  They can even be a resource for what outlets would be the best for you to sell your goods.

Also, they have a trained eye that can create new outfits from pieces you already own so it's like getting a new wardrobe without spending a dime ... we love saving money!

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