Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who says TV rots your brain?

Lately, I've been feeling a little down and out. Yes, I'm getting over a cold and that's one thing, but this was different, an all over "blah" feeling inside and out. It didn't make sense. So far this year has been like a greatest hits album with my life and business making monumental strides. So why was I feeling so tired and like I wanted to crawl into bed and hide away from the world?

Well, I think I got the answer to get my "mojo" back, courtesy of one of my fav shows, Chuck on NBC. In case you're not familiar, the basics are that Chuck unwillingly became a super spy when a computer program called the Intersect was uploaded to his brain for safe keeping. He's just an average dude but when the moment strikes he "flashes" on information and can possess skills he normally wouldn't have. So anyway, the Intersect hasn't been working and Chuck hasn't been "flashing" and his spy days are basically over. At the climax of the episode, when Chuck and his best friend are trapped and about to be exterminated by the bad guys, they have a heart to heart and Chuck reconnects with his true feelings and his true self. He realizes that by trying so hard to be a "real spy" he lost the gift of just being Chuck. Well of course, you can imagine what happened next, Chuck did finally "flash" and he took down the bad guys and saved the day.

So I realized this morning that I've been a little too much like Chuck; shutting out areas of my life that I deemed as superfluous and trivial, and just trying so damn hard to overachieve at everything. Maybe allowing myself to engage in hobbies is NOT superfluous and taking the time to meet people and make friends is NOT trivial. Ironically, I know from experience that the best things have come to me this year when I haven't been hunting them, when I've been balanced, and when I've been overall enjoying my life rather than toiling in it.

What do you enjoy, but don't make time for? Could indulging in these activities actually impact success in other areas of your life?


  1. All for making more time for friends! So, when are we getting together? :oD

  2. Yes, totally Sabrina! Weekday eve or Weekend day? Oh and Nashonda said she'd be up for a reunion brunch one of these days too.